Side Salad

Side Salad ? My Mum introduced me to this this salad that is ridiculously easy to make and is so delicious. A perfect side salad accompaniment to those meals that are carby and comforting. It’s light, refreshing and will be the first to go. The best part is that you’ll be making this in less than 5 minutes! My recipe is for 2 people.

1 cos lettuce – washed and chopped
2 Carrots – Sliced into long ribbons using a veggie peeler 
Salt to taste
Olive oil
White vinegar

Mix all the ingredients together and season as you would prefer. For the above amount of ingredients I use around 1/2 Cup olive oil and 1/4 cup white vinegar… however your tastebuds will guide you.

To mix it up, you can peel one of the carrots and finely slice another. If you don’t have cos lettuce you can use iceberg and even cabbage in this is drool-worthy!

Enjoy it at your next get together.
Kali Orexi ??

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